The sculptures employ repetition of forms, stacking, and coded surfaces to address questions of symmetry, balance, and meaning. They are all concerned with certainty and how the way we depict what we think we know about the universe and ourselves affects what we think we know.


The kylix series are raised platform serving vessels that have attributes derived from ancient Greek, Mayan, and Chinese forms. Many can be mounted on the wall.


The “pillows” are lidded containers based on metates (Central American grinding stones) and Chinese sleeping pillows, though again with very different iconography and purpose. The “saucers” are based on forms I worked with in the 1970s and are loosely based on Chinese lanterns. The “Towers” are stacked forms, like totems, obelisques, or other messaging systems. These three concepts are, in one way or another, the formal basis of much of my current work. 

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