Earlier Work

1974 – 1987 Abstract and Geometric Forms

Work from this period was dominated by an exploration of symmetry and asymmetry. Forms built on steel and copper armatures allowed for greater scale. Two and three dimensional illusions were explored. Influences included minimalism and constructivism. The sculptures were created in Seattle, WA and Edinboro, PA.

1988-2014  Figurative Works and Thematic Content development

Works during this period explored political and philosophical positions as well as geographic and historical influences. I set a goal of visiting all those places on Earth where art was made that had influenced me, to see what the artists saw. Travel to Mayan sites in the Yucatan Penninsula, Europe, and ancient kiln sites in China multiplied historic influences. Morse code entered as a way to articulate the surfaces of the pieces with a simple, variable binary mark system. Works from this period were done in Baton Rouge, LA, San Jose, CA, and Denton, TX.

2015-2018 Containers as Sculpture, Coded Surfaces

Moving to Asheville, I spent a year setting up a new studio and another year thinking about what to do. I decided to rethink almost fifty years of work in light of what I think I know now. I started back where I started, with containers and vessels, but with a much greater involvement in the concepts they contained. 

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