New Year, New Home

by | May 4, 2021 | Studio News

2020 was a strangely good year for me in the studio. I was able to concentrate on a body of work focused on human rights that was shown in galleries in Asheville and Dallas, and online in shows in Pennsylvania and California. The pandemic gave Karen and me the chance to also think about where we were living. and we took the opportunity to move our home a bit closer to Asheville in a house where I should be able to relocate my studio in another year or so.

So a lot of the last four or five months was spent with that re-location activity. It’s put me in intimate touch with the terrain and plants in the area. and we have been closely watching what came up out of the ground this spring. It’s a lovely season full of surprises. I will be back in the studio this month to start preparing for the Beaverdam Studio Tour, which is scheduled again this fall. and other shows. Stay tuned for new works!


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